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TurboPatent helps entrepreneurs and their ventures build value for fundraising, product competitiveness, and ultimate exit by identifying and protecting their intellectual property.

The TurboPatent Automated Invention Protection (AIP) solution blends the expertise of highly-trained patent engineers, automation and AI-based technologies to streamline the entire patent process. Filling the role of IP Manager for its clients, TurboPatent delivers high-quality patent applications more quickly, cost-effectively, and with less hassle than traditional patent firms.

TurboPatent provides objective analytics that predict the likelihood of a patent being granted for an invention before a company spends time and money pursuing a patent.

TurboPatent works with startups to large Fortune 500 clients, but it is founded by entrepreneurs who understand the needs of early-stage ventures to deliver the best value in a streamlined fashion. Thus, TurboPatent operates more similarly to an early-stage technology company by applying advanced technology to make the patenting process more efficient with better quality.

Byron McCann, COO

TurboPatent on Modern IP Protection

Integrating IP protection and product development is integral to ensure IP is a key aspect of bringing a product to market, instead of an afterthought. It’s not about simply obtaining patents, it’s about obtaining the right patents to meet business objectives. Winning the IP land grab requires companies to leverage advanced technology to build a streamlined, efficient process to protect their technology.

TurboPatent provides entrepreneurs with a free, secure Invention Hub account that helps them capture and build ideas, and ultimately convert them into protected assets. From Invention Hub, TurboPatent professionals can apply advance analytics, artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to gauge the patentability of an invention, and to draft high-quality patent applications. Each patent application is put through an AI-based quality review that provides error-free applications in a fraction of the time of a law firm.

What quality analytics do you provide with the patent application that ensure the application is high-quality and error free?

What analytics do you provide on the patent examiner when going through the Office action response process with the USPTO?

Do you use semantic search technologies?

Do you have fixed fees or do you charge an hourly rate?

Do you have domain expertise in my area of invention?

Can you turn around drafts in 30 days without rush charges?

Who is going to work on your case – a new associate or an experienced patent practitioner?

The best time to consider IP protection is at the same time the product is created and the market strategy is developed. They are all part of the same asset that needs to be protected from competitors. Thinking about IP protection is valuable in clearly identifying why your solution is unique at more than a surface level.


Clear, simple pricing.

Efficient processes.

Short turnaround.

Leverage advanced technologies.

Strong domain expertise.

A strong collaborator.


TurboPatent did a fantastic job of producing a quality patent in an impossibly short timeline. Their intellectual property expertise and use of the latest and greatest patent production technology saved my company tens of thousands of dollars and produced a quality document that has a critical role for us and our future.

– Jason Washburn, Founder, THE Company

We never imagined the patent process could be so painless, cost effective, and produce such high quality, consistent results.

– Brad Griffith, CEO, Gametime

I would highly recommend TurboPatent as an alternative to outside counsel and a means for driving efficiency in your in-house team.

– Phil Makrogiannis, VP IP Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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