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Davis Graham & Stubbs (DGS) lawyers have extensive experience working with companies in the energy, mining, technology, hospitality, private equity, manufacturing, asset management, aviation, and health care industries. DGS lawyers represent businesses ranging from early stage companies to large privately held and public companies. While DGS’ Denver headquarters and intermediate size of 150 lawyers allow a close personal relationship with local and regional clients, our technology and broad experience allow us to partner effectively with businesses and their investors throughout the world.

Trent Martinet, Partner


Trent on Modern Lawyering

DGS utilizes technology throughout every stage of its practices to provide high-quality legal services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

DGS utilizes various technologies that enable its lawyers to provide value to its clients at every stage of the legal project life cycle. Early stage companies benefit from the various technologies DGS utilizes because DGS can deliver high-quality legal services at lower costs.

What types of clients have you represented? What industries? What types of legal matters have you handled? How many years have you practiced law. Who is on your team? How will you incorporate technology into your practice to provide more efficient legal services?

You should engage a lawyer and other professionals at the beginning of your business activity and all along the way. Waiting too long to engage a lawyer and other professionals will only cost more money in the future.

You should expect your lawyer to be a trusted advisor to minimize risk. Your lawyer cannot eliminate risk but he/she can help minimize risk at every stage of your business.

When it comes to running your company, Shoobx makes the right way the easy way.

We empower entrepreneurs by helping you manage everything from incorporation to exit on our secure platform.

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