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Priori Legal

Priori is a vetted attorney marketplace that connects corporate legal departments and high-growth entrepreneurial companies with exceptional lawyers at discounted rates. With our data-driven RFP process, project management tools and full-service invoicing software, companies can quickly identify the right attorney for any project and seamlessly manage the lifecycle of the engagement. Companies such as Macmillan, Artsy, Via and DreamHost use Priori to optimize their legal spend and find the right lawyers for their legal projects.

Mirra Levitt and Basha Rubin, Co-Founders

Priori Legal on Modern Lawyering

To be modern with your lawyering means being open to using technology to aid the delivery of legal services. At Priori we firmly believe that legal services can be delivered more efficiently, cost-effectively and transparently through the use of technology. Other important traits of modern lawyering include adaptability and flexibility. Modern lawyers incorporate technology into their practices and are able to deliver higher quality services to their clients as a result. This is one of the key traits Priori selects for during our vetting process.

The average lawyer spends only 2.3 hours per day (29% of an 8-hour workday) on billable tasks. Modern lawyers leverage the technology available through platforms like Priori (project management tools, online phone conferencing, full-service invoicing software) and other software tools (contract review software, due diligence software, messaging and video platforms) to streamline their delivery of legal services and to make their legal practices more efficient. Those efficiencies, in turn, allow lawyers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focused on their clients and delivering quality billable work. Technology platforms like Priori also reduce the overheads associated with running a legal practice, which allows lawyers to pass on their cost savings to their clients in the form of lower rates.

The most pertinent question to ask is whether the lawyer’s expertise matches the legal needs of your company. Additional questions relate to the lawyer’s background (both educationally and professionally) and value. Does the lawyer’s background and experience make them a good fit for your organization? Does the lawyer represent good value for money? Priori helps clients make these assessments by suggesting only the best-fit lawyers for projects, providing clients with access to comprehensive lawyer profiles (including employment history, education, practice areas and more), and by offering clients complimentary half-hour phone consultations to discuss their project requirements with their attorneys of choice. This process ensures clients are only comparing attorneys with precisely the right expertise for a project and enables to make a qualitative assessment about whether an attorney’s approach and personality is a match with their organization and needs.

The right time to hire a lawyer is before your company experiences any legal issues. Being proactive rather than reactive with your legal spend will save you money in the long term.

First and foremost, you should expect excellence from your lawyer in their delivery of legal services. You should also expect professionalism, clear and timely communication, and a strong focus on you, the client, at all times. We rigorously vet all of our attorneys before admitting them to the Priori network to select for these qualities.


Priori has made everything easy. I love the data-driven approach to matchmaking, the seamless billing platform, and Priori’s hands-on approach to partnering with clients.”

– Yayoi Shionoiri, Senior Counsel at Artsy

Priori enabled us to get a level of support we would have had a hard time finding otherwise. A comparable attorney at a big law firm would have been approximately five times as much, which obviously would have been cost-prohibitive.

– Erin Abrams, General Counsel at Via

Priori has saved us quite a bit of time and money … Priori [is] my default when I’m looking for niche expertise, local counsel or simply cost savings compared to more traditional firm solutions.

– Chris Ghazarian, General Counsel at Dreamhost

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