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Meet Otto

Otto Hanson, Davis Graham & Stubbs

Davis Graham & Stubbs is one of the oldest and largest corporate law firms in Colorado, with 150 attorneys covering a broad spectrum of specialties. Despite its old heritage, the firm embraces new technologies and new clients, and has a robust presence in the Denver and Boulder startup scenes.

Otto on Modern Lawyering

Modern lawyering means embracing new technologies, even when those technologies disrupt or cannibalize your business model. Shoobx is a great example of a technology that reduces the amount of time lawyers spend helping companies, and therefore cuts into our fees. Embracing new technologies like this, which are clear wins for our clients, is not only modern, its also the right thing to do.

A modern lawyer has many technologies in their toolbox. Use of the right set of technologies should improve the lawyer/client relationship, improve the quality and consistency of legal results, provide predictability, and save the client money.

The right lawyer will have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the range of issues you’re likely to encounter, the humility to admit when they’re out of their element, and the wisdom to know when to get additional help. A good personality match between lawyer and client is also helpful!

It’s great to engage an attorney from the very beginning of company formation, because doing so with the right lawyer will help ensure you’re setup for success on various metrics. If you’ve made it to an early stage financing without a lawyer, kudos to you, but you should definitely hire a lawyer now. You’ll need representation on your fund raising transaction to help you navigate the complex securities law landscape, to make sure you’re getting a fair deal, and to show your investors that you understand the legal gravity of the transaction.

Honesty, excellent communication skills, competency in the relevant areas of law, and a formidable intellect.


“As a company trying to change how satellites are put in space, we loved working with someone who embraced new technology to make our legal work more efficient. We couldn’t be happier with Otto Hanson’s recommendation to use Shoobx. Shoobx drafts the documents, Otto dots the ‘i’s’, and we are ready to get back to building our company.”

– William Kowalski, Co-founder and CFO, Atomos Nuclear and Space Corporation

When it comes to running your company, Shoobx makes the right way the easy way.

We empower entrepreneurs by helping you manage everything from incorporation to exit on our secure platform.

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