Meet Mary

Mary Hodges, Partner 

Mary has worked exclusively with startup companies and small business owners since opening her firm. She’s handled multiple startup formations, website policies, contractor/consulting agreements, cap table management, vendor agreements, and much more. As a business owner, Mary knows, first hand, the common struggles, and issues her clients face. She works closely with clients to create innovative solutions for their legal needs. She prides herself on preparing plain English legal agreements that her clients can understand and establishing flat fee pricing so her clients can better plan and budget for their legal needs.

Mary on Modern Lawyering

A modern lawyer embraces technology and welcomes change. Their focus is on using technology to make their practice efficient and more cost effective for clients while providing a great client experience. This means exploring automation tools, practice management software, flexible billing options, and new-age communication. And, a modern lawyer understands how technology and change impacts their clients.

A modern lawyer leverages technology such as secure cloud-based platforms, practice management software, electronic signature services, video conferencing, collaboration tools, and automation. This affects the entrepreneur because when technology drives efficiency, costs are reduced and the lawyer can focus on providing key legal advice and strategies.

The most important questions to ask a potential lawyer are:

What is the cost? (hour rates, flat fees etc). Every business needs to budget responsibly. Are there ways to reduce the cost of your services?

How many clients have you represented, or what experience or knowledge do you have, involving a business like mine?

How do you typically communicate with your clients?

Will there be other attorneys working with our business?

Are you a “full service” law firm? (i.e. What type of services can your firm help our business with)?

When you are in idea phase of your business, I recommend (at the very least) having a consultation with a lawyer right away. There are critical issues that every business owner should be thinking about from the start – especially if you’re a technology startup. An initial consultation could help you understand those issues and prepare for them. I always recommend having a lawyer assist you with your incorporation. Too often, clients attempt to do this themselves but miss key steps. The clean up usually costs more than hiring the right help from the outset. The great thing is that Shoobx has substantially streamlined this process so you can set up your company for a fraction of the cost. I have enjoyed using this as a service for my clients so they can be confident they get started the right way, without having to break the bank.

Your lawyer should give you a peace of mind. Your lawyer should communicate effectively, be there to answer your questions, and help you prepare for and understand what to expect for your business in the future. Your lawyer should also be transparent about their fees so you can properly budget for their services. Your lawyer is a key strategic advisor for your business.


Mary was extremely helpful with helping us with the post-incorporation process and getting all our equity documents and such squared away. Explained everything in plain English and provided great guidance.

Mary Hodges is very professional, friendly and open to foreigners who want to incorporate in US. Even though I had given her the job of merely Incorporating my company in US, she gave her time to explain and guide me though the process of post incorporation. Mary also helped me by providing me with further contacts with other various business matters and her concern with helping my business grow is admirable. I highly recommend Mary, it is a pleasure working with her. 🙂

It has been now 2 years that I Mary is my attorney, and her professionalism always impresses me!

Mary was a pleasure to work with. She always had timely responses and clear experience and direction with helping me complete post-incorporation documentation for my company. She is also considerate about pricing and trying to help her customers get the most value possible out of her services.

When it comes to running your company, Shoobx makes the right way the easy way.

We empower entrepreneurs by helping you manage everything from incorporation to exit on our secure platform.
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