Meet Jose

Jose de Lasa, Principal

Jose has spent the last 20 years advising, managing and growing multiple businesses with multiple partners and stakeholders using successful growth strategies based on sound legal foundations.

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Jose on Modern Lawyering

Being “modern” with my legal services means empowering my clients with cloud based solutions that enables collaboration and secure access to critical work flows and documents.
Cloud based “software as solutions”, secure document storage and digital document signature capture enable entrepreneurs and their legal teams to move quickly, securely and efficiently.

What is the fee structure? What sectors and legal services are covered? Who is my point of contact? Who is responsible for document storage?

The right time to seek legal counsel is at the inception of project when the founders are ready commit time, money and resources to developing the project. It is critical to involve legal counsel at this time to ensure the legal foundation of the project is structured so as to reflect the founder’s commitments and objectives.
The highest degree of integrity, professionalism, skill and unwavering commitment to serving the clients needs.


“I had the great opportunity to work with Jose de Lasa in the last 3 years; he represented my company in a complex lawsuit in the tech field. Thanks to his experience, strategy, capacity, and will, he achieved a positive result for my business. A pleasure to work with LASA LAW, a professional and effective team! I recommend them 100%.”

-Eduardo Pino, Digital Marketing Specialist, Information Architect & Project Manager

“I have worked with Jose for a number of years on the legal, business and socio-political implications of doing business in frontier markets such as Cuba and in connection with the energy, hospitality and technology sectors. Jose uses his skill set and know how to produce strategic and practical business and legal positions that permit profitable market entry and product development. Jose has skillfully managed and combined human capital and business planning to produce positive and enduring results. He leads with vision and by example – with hard work, dedication and integrity”

– Silvia M. Garrigo, Vice President Corporate Responsibility and Social Investment at Millicom

“I can honestly say that Jose is one of the most strategically gifted thinkers I have every had the pleasure of working with. And what makes it even more rewarding working with Jose, is his integrity and patient, thoughtful approach to any business challenge. He never lets a business “problem” overwhelm him or deter him from trusting his inherent strategic instinct to formulating a positive resolution. I highly recommend Jose and would welcome the opportunity to work with him in any capacity in the future.”

Todd Harrington, President, Todd Harrington LLC

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