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Meet Cognate


Cognate helps businesses protect and manage their most valuable assets – their trademarks – using blockchain technology. The inability to enforce and defend trademark rights can include loss of revenue, costly legal conflicts, brand dilution, and customer confusion. An explosion in global commerce has led to a corresponding explosion in the number of trademarks and potential trademark conflicts.

In order to enforce and defend trademark rights, companies must be able to prove when, where, and how their trademarks are being used. Cognate is The First Step in Trademark Protection™ — an online platform that allows companies to create systematic, timestamped, and permanent records proving trademark use.

A federal registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is not required to own legally defensible trademark rights. Trademark rights can be earned simply by using a trademark (which can be a name, word, slogan, phrase, or logo) to sell goods or services to customers. Trademark disputes can be decided by factors like who used the mark first, where it was used, and for how long the mark was used.

Big companies with in-house legal teams know they need to keep extensive records of the nature of their trademark use. Cognate gives startups the tools to do the same by creating comprehensive, timestamped, tamperproof records of trademark use with cutting edge technology – blockchain.

These immutable records can be crucial in instances of trademark infringement, or filing for federal trademark registration. Cognate is fast, simple and affordable, and can be used as a first step before federal trademark registration is considered, or in conjunction with a federally registered trademark. Made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Bennett Collen, CEO

Cognate on Modern IP Protection

Being modern with your IP protection means three things: 1) being proactive 2) being creative and 3) leveraging the latest technology.

Traditionally many companies have waited before taking any steps to protect trademark rights until they are more “well established” – and with good reason. The traditional systems for registering and protecting trademark rights are slow, expensive, and don’t scale.

Today, companies need to be creative to stay on top of their trademark rights in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace by finding alternatives to the existing systems. Trademark infringement is a trillion dollar problem on a global scale, as the legacy systems have failed to keep pace with the rate of innovation.

Leveraging technology allows startups to play on a more level playing field with established companies. Startups now have access to affordable, cutting-edge products for IP rights management.

Modern IP protection leverages cutting-edge technology like blockchain and couples it with cloud-based services that are focused on ease of use and affordability.

Will this service help me better protect and leverage my IP rights?

Is this a scalable solution that will be viable for every new asset I create moving forward?

Will this save me time and effort in the long run?

Could this service be the difference between my company being able to enforce our IP rights and not being able to enforce our rights?

It’s important to be proactive about IP protection at the time of creation of that asset. Date of creation, invention, use, and/or public disclosure can all factor in to your company’s ability to enforce its IP. Whether it’s a trademark, patent, or copyright, having an intentional, systematic approach for protecting your intellectual assets at the outset is crucial.

Your IP protection services should put you in the best position possible to protect your intellectual assets, considering all of the IP your company generates, not just the “most important” assets. Software tools should also help you better manage and track your entire portfolio to help you create a clear, defensible picture of your IP.


There are so many costs associated with a start-up business, but monitoring & recording my trademark rights is affordable and hassle-free using Cognate. Thanks Cognate for simplifying the process!

– Keri Steckler, Creator of Peel to Track Stickers

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