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Brex is the first corporate credit card built especially for startups and newly-formed companies.

  • No founder liability & higher limits – No personal guarantee or security deposit needed. 10-20x higher limits than traditional corporate cards.
  • Tailored rewards – Get value back on your most important purchases—and exclusive signup offers (from partners such as AWS, Google Ads, WeWork, Salesforce).
  • Global acceptance & fraud protection – Get peace of mind, and build business credit.
  • Save time with automation – With Brex, you can get instant card access, automate receipt-capture, control team spending, and automate accounting and compliance.

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Earn up to 7x with Brex Rewards. Shoobx startups get 25,000 points waived card fees for life. 

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If you are interested in saving time and money with the Brex corporate card, learn more or sign up now. Or you can email and a Brex sales representative will be in touch.


“Our finance team has both control over and visibility into employee spending. We aren’t a huge team right now, but we’re growing fast and I’m confident Brex’s program is built to scale.”

– Brian Chen, cofounder and CEO of ROOM

When it comes to running your company, Shoobx makes the right way the easy way.

We empower entrepreneurs by helping you manage everything from incorporation to exit on our secure platform.

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