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Shoobx Spark is a curated community of modern service providers dedicated to changing the way startups form and operate through automation and letting you focus on your company.

What Is a Modern Service Provider?

  • We leverage automation and technology wherever we can in the process. If a computer can do the job then it should do the job.
  • We are unafraid of questioning the status quo to do things the best way. We embrace the challenge of pushing our industry forward rather than adhering to traditional practices.
  • We are a company that truly puts its clients first. This means transparency, consistently delivering value, and constantly building strong relationships.

The startup community service providers on Spark are committed to delivery value, innovation, and education to entrepreneurs.


Modern startup lawyers are confident leveraging technology to deliver the best value to their clients. They understand the advantage of standardization when it comes to legal documents and act as trusted advisors to their clients. We’ve grouped our feature lawyers into three categories to help entrepreneurs best navigate the options for their company: large, national, full-service firms; regional boutique firms; and project-oriented or virtual firms.


Automated accounting solutions reduce the need for manual data entry and transactions. They can greatly reduce accounting spend for businesses while providing improved accuracy and reporting.

Eventus Advisory Group
Wolf & Company, P.C.


Modern payroll services make compensating new employees a seamless process. When key personnel details are accurately captured and communicated to payroll software and automatically updated, employees are happy and businesses are more productive.


Forward-looking banks are there when you need them. They’ve embraced online banking and virtual access, and provide streamlined, frictionless services enabled by technology.



Modern insurance providers understand the modern risks that their clients face and leverage technology to protect and communicate with their clients.

IP Protection and Contracts

Modern IP Protection and Contracts solutions leverage technology to help you confidently protect your company’s most valuable assets and deals.

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